Standard Rates

Unless otherwise agreed, charges are based on a daily charge rate. Daily charge rates are available on request.

  1. The hours charged will be calculated from the time personnel leave the office until such time that they return to their UK base. N.B. outward and return travelling time will be charged at the above daily rates.

  2. The rates shown are EXCLUSIVE of all expenses ie. hotels/bed/breakfast, travel/local travel, which will be invoiced to the customer at cost. UK mileage will be charged at £0.50p/mile. A daily charge of £45.00 will be made to cover meals and sundry expenditures (e.g. laundry, phone calls etc) where visits cover more than one day in duration.

  3. The Customer will be required to provide 1 flexible return Business Class air ticket, where applicable, unless otherwise agreed with Brian Lythgoe, prior to the commencement of the project.

  4. On contracts, which commence beyond six months from the date of quotation, Brian Lythgoe reserves the right to re-adjust the charges in accordance with the rates and Terms and Conditions prevailing at the time that the contract is ready to commence.

  5. Customers requiring a fully supported/receipted invoice should make this request at the time of placing their Purchase Order. Customers not requesting a fully supported/receipted invoice will be provided with a standard invoice. On long-term contracts the customer will be invoiced every 4 weeks.

  6. All costs for the transportation of tooling, and specialist equipment to/from site, including excess baggage charges, customs clearance charges and/or local import/export duties will be paid by the customer in advance.

  7. The customer will be responsible for paying all Bank Charges. Confirmation of the Bank Transfer details and reference number should be relayed to Brian Lythgoe by fax or E-mail.