Career Summary

Charter Engineer

Diesel Engines
Brian Lythgoe
Born September, 1947.
Attended Boteler Grammar School, Warrington
Went on to study Metallurgy at Manchester Polytechnic.
Qualified as a Metallurgist in 1975.

Current qualifications:

Worked from 1970 to end of 2008 for a leading UK based manufacturer of large diesel engines for marine, industrial and traction applications. (Ruston Diesels, GEC Alsthom & MAN Diesel Ltd.)
Took early retirement at the end of 2008.

During this period was employed as: Metallurgist, Senior Investigations Engineer, Industrial Service Manager, Technical Manager and Technical Support Manager.

Majority of career has been spent in investigation and analysis of diesel engine and component failures, including engine performance related issues. These duties involved extensive world-wide travel.

As Technical Support Manager, Brian managed a team of 12 engineers of various disciplines following the restructuring of business from diesel engine manufacturer to a Service & Spare Parts facility. These engineers included Design Engineers, Draughtsmen, Investigating Engineers, Application Engineers and Interpretation/Technical Editing Engineers.